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If you’re looking to order an individual caricature, click here. If you’re looking to hire a caricature artist for your party or event, you’re on the right page.

So, you’re having some kind of big social event, known in some circles as a “party”, and you’re looking for something interesting to add to the mix that will outshine your neighbor’s and co-worker’s lame-o attempts at parties. What do you do? You hire Luke Ski to show up at your party and draw caricatures of everybody there! Wow! Hey! Isn’t that exciting!?!

In a situation like this, I usually stick to drawing the Head & Name, Black & White drawings on 11″ x 14″ paper (you can find frames that size everywhere), and will include the names of the person(s) depicted. Drawing that style of caricature, I can draw an average of 20 people an hour. That’s right, 20 PEOPLE AN HOUR! Amazing, isn’t it? So all you need to do is figure out how many people will be at your event, divide it by 20, and that’s how many hours you’d need me to be there to make sure I get to draw everybody there.

If this is a wedding/birthday/anniversary/etc. centered around specific guests, if you can e-mail me current photographs of the guest(s) of honor ahead of time, I can prepare a full deluxe color body & background caricature before the event for an additional fee.

How much does this cost?

My going rate is $100.00 per hour (with a 1 hour minimum, for Friday evenings and Saturdays it’s a 2 hour minimum), plus the fuel cost for driving the round trip from Des Plaines, IL. You can calculate this by going to Google Maps and getting directions from Des Plaines, IL, to your party’s address, take the number of miles and multiply it by $0.45, and round that amount up to the next dollar.

Here are some fuel cost estimate examples to major cities in my driving vicinity:

Chicago, IL (downtown): $10.00
Gurnee, IL: $13.00
Rockford, IL: $32.00
Springfield, IL: $94.00

Kenosha, WI: $22.00
Lake Geneva, WI: $24.00
Milwaukee, WI: $34.00
Madison, WI: $59.00
Wisconsin Dells, WI: $79.00
Green Bay, WI: $85.00


Merrilleville, IN: $29.00
Fort Wayne, IN: $82.00
Indianapolis, IN: $92.00

Dubuque, IA: $72.00
Davenport, IA: $80.00

For distances over 200 miles, please contact me for more specific travel and lodging arrangements.

Are there any other additional costs?

Other than your guest’s individual generosity when it comes to tipping an artist, there are no other fees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Would you be willing to add “Full Bodies and Backgrounds” to the drawings?

Yes. With bodies & backgrounds (in black & white) I can draw 6 people per hour.

  • Would you be willing to add “Full Color” to the drawings?

Yes. I can draw 4 people per hour in full color with head and name only; I can draw 3 people per hour in full color with bodies and backgrounds.

A suggestion: If the event is centered around specific people (birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.), I can draw a full deluxe color body & background caricature of the guest(s) of honor, and then draw everyone else there in the standard Head & Name / Black & White way. I can draw this caricature before the event for an additional fee if you can e-mail me current photographs of the guest(s).

  • Can there be more than one person in each drawing?

Yes. The Head/B&W drawings can be done with as many people as you like in each drawing, as long as the people being drawn realize that they are only getting one copy that they have to share (the artist gives full permissions to photocopy). Dating / Married couples usually go for this, as do families.

  • What if I book you for a certain number of hours, and at the event when that time is up, I’d like you to stay longer and continue drawing more people? Are you willing to stay longer than we originally booked you for?

As long as you pay me for the extra added time, and as long as I do not have any other engagements to get to following the event, then yes, I am very willing to stay longer than the time we originally booked.

  • How far are you willing to travel?

As long as you’re paying the travel fee, pretty darn far. However in cases of extremely long distances, I may need you to pay the additional travel fee in advance. If it’s more than 200 miles away, I may also need you to provide lodgings for the night.

  • How do I pay you?

Normally, you pay me at the event sometime before it ends.  If for some reason it needs to be different than that, we can discuss it between us beforehand.  I prefer cash, but I typically get paid for these events with a check.  Make all checks payable to “Luke Sienkowski”.

  • How do I book Luke Ski as a Party Artist?

Email me, of course!  My schedule is always busy, so the sooner you can get a hold of me and start the booking process, the better (especially during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve).  It’s never too early to set things up, so even if you’re just considering it a possibility, it’s probably best to e-mail me right away and ask if I am available for the date of your event.  If you prefer to talk to me over the phone, leave your phone number in your e-mail (and the best times for me to call you there) and I will call you as soon as I can.

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